SIATPOL was established as a company in 1982. We offer a wide range of wire products including concrete reinforcement elements (dispersed reinforcement, reinforcement mats), wide range of meshes and complete fencing systems (panels, mesh fences, forest fences). Our long experience, high-quality products and comprehensive support allowed us to win trust of many leading companies both from Poland and abroad.

IATPOL’s main advantages include the ability to quickly identify market trends and flexible adaptation to the customer's needs. Due to a dynamic development of the building industry, we offer particularly the state-of-the-art reinforcement systems designed for use in the building industry such as:

  • Dispersed reinforcements,
  • Welded reinforcement mats,
  • Rabitz wire meshes.

In the production process we use the best raw materials and innovative techniques. We have at our disposal a fully automated machine park, qualified personnel, and own transport base. The professionally manufactured products and the services provided by SIATPOL serve to prove the awards and special certificates that we have been granted thus far.

Plants producing prefabricated concrete elements, overhaul, reinforcement and building companies as well as other entities supporting advanced building projects are warmly welcomed to cooperate.


Kazimierz Szcząchor
Majdan Stary 44B
23-414 Majdan Stary
NIP: 918-000-25-76
REGON: 950003974