Dispersed reinforcement

The steel wire fabrics SIATPOL 1/50 and SIATPOL 1/60 are designed for concrete micro-reinforcement. They can be applied as uniform dispersed reinforcement, particularly in concretes intended for use in the manufacture of industrial floors, communication surfaces and for manufacturing non-structural prefabricated elements.

Depending on the designed concrete properties, the steel wire fabrics SIATPOL 1/50 and SIATPOL 1/60 can be added in quantities of 25 to 35 kg per one m³ of concrete.

For concretes with steel fabrics natural aggregate with grain diameter not exceeding 16mm can be used. The concrete class should not be less than B25, and the w:c ratio should be greater than 0.6. In order to reduce the make-up water quantity, chemical additives may be used which do not cause corrosion of steel fabrics.

The structures and products made of concrete with the addition of steel fabrics should be handled in the same way as the normal concrete structures and products.

Parameter 1/50 1/60
d [mm] 1,0±10%
L [mm] 50±10% 60±10%
l [mm] 2,5±10%
h [mm] 2,0±10%
α [°] 42±10%


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